Hit and Run Trading
Hard Cover Book | Hit & Run 2.0 Video Series 
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Hit and Run Trading comes with a 35 year track record of success in any type market.
Jeff's book gives you proven ideas. Easy to follow  setups regardless of your experience.
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Discover Jeff Cooper's time-tested trading style that was blessed and applied by Jim Cramer of thestreet.com. 

Having Jeff's setups let's you relax and focus on trade entries and trade management. Don't worry about paying for stock scanners or alerts anymore. 

New traders will learn how to survive the learning curve, and experienced trades will understand how to get beyond break-even and eventually scale to bigger positions

-Ted from Nevada

Using Jeff's technical analysis methods, I recently purchased puts on a stock for $250 and sold them for $4500 when that stock gapped down by more than 20 dollars a share. Thank you!

   -Toni from Hawaii

The DMR also provides what is almost an uncanny analysis of how the UPCOMING trading day is likely to play out, with key parameters and markers to watch. I especially like the accuracy of his calls.

 -Brendon from California

I remember when Jeff nailed the top... I like how he cuts through the BS and speaks the truth. I feel that Jeff is adept at calling market turns and I recently subscribed again.

 -Peter from Pennsylvania

Since 2007, I have followed Jeff and his work and his calls, especially his major contrarian calls, have been spot on. I vividly remember the first week of March 2009 when , Jeff was unequivocally telling his readers THE low was in.

  -Robert from Chicago

I hold the CFA designation and a Master of Science in Finance. 

I was an investment analyst for nearly 20 years, including work for nearly 10 years running two investment programs at a major brokerage firm along with work as an analyst and portfolio manager at a top investment management firm. 

Jeff's daily commentary (DMR) is great. It helps me set up for market possibilities in the days and weeks ahead and it is always delivered in an entertaining and thought provoking tone.
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