Hard Cover Book Only $9.95
Hard Cover Book Only $9.95

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Jeff Cooper Hit and Run Reviews
Cooper's view on the trader's psychology is spot on! 

I liked the choices of set ups and the logic is there, the only thing a trader needs to do is observe many hours of charts to find the stocks. I have used a few of these set ups and I think the best thing to do is to focus on one at a time and master the fundamentals. 

I really enjoyed Cooper's last chapters as he talked about the importance of a trader's mental make up. This, as he says, is more important than the entry points. Lastly, I admire Cooper's simplicity in being a discretionary seller.. I think it's a system that works for him buy I wonder if he looks back at trades to see if the trend continued.
His system has removed my anxiety and just plain works.

Buy the book, read it through twice, order his service through Minyanville.com and start with small share lots and gradually get bigger as you get more comfortable. 

The bottom line is, if you follow his strategy to the T, you will make more money than you lose. He is that good. A must read for new traders.

Everything I mentioned in my critic about the orignal Hit and Run stands still true for this one, but don't expect to be a fantastic trader from the start either. You have to study his setups, what works now and what doesn't. 

It would help to get his swing/day trading service for a while and pick up on the ideas. Of course, Jeff's daily commentary are the BEST, bare none. Well worth to invest in his books and service, but don't expect instant miracles either.
And yes, Jeff is a successful trader himself, working out of his home in Malibu. The book and setups are not just text book varieties, they come from real life every day trading.
Money Maker from the get-go

I started using this book after reading it and my first trade paid for 15 copies. Jeff Cooper makes day trading EASIER by revealing some interesting patterns to look for. I find 2-5 trades daily that I can see just looking at the daily list of highs and lows. I do not enter all of these trades because other technical analysis methods of review keep me out if the stock does not do what was hoped for to enter the trade.

The trades which I did get into were successful and were in stocks I would never think of following. Coopers warnings about when to enter and when to get out are valuable. I just bought another for my friend.
Some of the best strategies for short-term and day traders!

I have read many reviews on other sites on this book and I am amazed by the amount of people that think for one second that Jeff Cooper would just give you a trading system for $100. I must admit, that with a little ingenuity one can make a lot of money with these strategies. 

You won't find an easier method of trading if you use just a little common sense and approach these strategies with a well devised trading plan. However, this system isn't for everyone, as it usually comes with intra-day drawdowns in your p-n-l, but it's the end of the day that counts. 

The strategies look to capture the big moves and not the quick bucks, there is more money to be made that way.